Letter in response to a 30th Birthday card from Oskar Corsini.pdf

How to Write A Letter
by Oskar Corsini (Foreword, below, by Pluto Corsini)

When I was in college, my freshman English lit professor told me, "Your writing needs work, if you learn to write a good paper for me, you will learn to write a good paper for anybody." I did not know it at the time, but what he did not tell me was: "but you will also have to learn how to know your audience, and i cannot teach you that." The letter displayed to the left is a great letter. It is a response to some trite Birthday card Pluto sent to Oskar on his 30th birthday in 1989. Read it, learn its style, and find yourself a friend who will appreciate the pathos and humor in it. I guarantee it will be well worth your effort.