Corsini Tales

Mythological beginnings

In the summer of 1970, a young Pluto was befriended by Oskar (later to become "the creeeeeative person," because he sang: "I don't have to prooooooovvvve, thatiamcreeeeeative!" as if he meant it.) During summer school at Kent State University School, they quickly became fast friends and slowly but surely, they got older in body, but not so much in spirit, which made others take pity on them and act as friends and guides. As unlikely as it may seem, they continued to make their way through the world and eventually people actually fell in love with them and they produced offspring much to everyone's amazement, including themselves. One fine day, as the new millennium was dawning, Oskar looked Frau Mama in the eyes and said: "Cabin, please?" And so, they bought a Cabin in the woods and called it Corsini. Then they invited their friends and family to join them there to be creative. And they live haphazardly ever after.

Corsini Cabin

Where we are today

Odysseus, Oskar and Gomez discover a Waltzing Horsecrab makes a wonderful Christmas ornament and so they wrote a Christmas song about it and the rest, as they will say, is future.